i hope youre doing okay, wherever you are

by hollow hymns

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some unreleased, unfinished, + unpolished songs/recordings ive had lying around that i figured are good enough for a release. the songs get older as the album goes on, and the last one is almost a year old. ill probably rerecord a couple of the good ones for a later release who knows :~)

full finished version of talent now on angelica, the spirit of a moth


released July 24, 2016



all rights reserved


hollow hymns Crystal Lake, Illinois

Heather Alice Crawford

sad lofi vibes from a queer translesbian witch

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Track Name: cave
i am lost, i need help
there is no light
at the end of
this dark tunnel

my eyes are closed while im speaking to you
im all alone
i cant stand you
i will wither

i can hear them now, my haunting conscious
they will find me
they wont let me
run anymore

im a prisoner to you
and to my own soul
i wont face my fears
you wont just as well
Track Name: instability
give me life if you think im
worth more than your precious time

i know that you wont give in
just to appease my filthy dreams

mind disease sets me at ease
unnatural temperament is something that i need

instability but at what cost?
put me in a dream so i can get myself lost
Track Name: out of sync
i wake up around noon
and go to sleep at 5 a.m.
i dont think ill ever
see the morning light again

all my friends just love me
but who are all my friends?
why is it so stressful
to put this to an end

and my mother worries about me
but i say everythings fine
but i dont know what will happen
if she wasnt in my life

id probably be better off
in a world without her

i feel like im going out of sync
i feel like im going crazy
i dont have enough motivation
to keep up inside this world
Track Name: whispers
we are young, way too young
i can feel you shaking
touch my face, tell me that
it will be okay

i heard crows when i cried
they were monsters, they were evil
i should kill my desire
then suffocate my body

i dont want this, i am pure
they control me, ive no will
i want justice, i want right
i will reset the world
Track Name: doves
i dont feel like i belong, on this floating peice of rock
what the hell did i ever do to get stuck here

lets go for a walk outside, in the dying cold
i think its twenty below freezing tonight

ill meet you at the park, ten minutes from the school
ill be holding doves painted with my skin

but youll reject them anyway
like you did everyday
ill make new ones while i bleed
laying dead beside the trees

blood stained cigarettes
fossilized in the snow
dead doves laying on the floor

i still cant see your face
at the end of the road
id rather have myself go blind
Track Name: thief (demo)
ive been left with nothing
im crawling out from the pit
ive been left in
i dont want any trouble at all

so put your wallet in my hand
dont remember this happened
leave without a word or cry
and i wont get mad

im not going to hurt you
im just going to take your stuff
your money, your family
your life, your world, your everything

i am shit, i am worthless
you dont deserve any of this
its like my life is breaking
i am never good enough
Track Name: poison me
just about the first song ive ever written/recorded, enjoy

feeling tired
making progress
holding your hands
your cold, your wet

i dont want to
feel you
if youre going to
lay in my space, lie to my face

why cant you just be with me
why must your mouth be so dirty
i think were going crazy
poison me, please poison me
Track Name: talent (demo)
it takes talent to be you
ive scratched your eyes open
flowers still sprout from your lips